Introducing the foundry

The Vincent Foundry is based in Brignais (69530) near Lyon, France

Established in 1880, Fonderie Vincent headquarters are based in Brignais in the French Rhone-Alpes region near Lyon. Its stong konw-how and foundry equipments are used to manufacture all types of sand cast iron pieces.

In April 2009, a brand new automatic casting line from Italian company Foundequip was installed in Brignais. It is a flat process with the possibility to add cores, coole, smelters with a fine screened sand. The rate is 35 molds per hour. The plate sizes are: 460 X 610mm, with a total height of 400mm.

The industrial equipments are suitable for the production of cast iron pieces from prototypes to small or even large unit series. We use plans and 3D models to manufacture technical pieces ofr the industry. The piece weight varies from 100 GRS to 500 KG. Exceptionally we van make pieces up to 1500 KGS

Iron casting pieces can be delivered as cast, blasted, deburred or  with further finishings (machining, surface treatment, painting, white mount).

FONDERIE VINCENT was awarded with the French Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant  (EPV) label in 2015. This national label delivered by the French government to a limited number of companies recognizes companies with a strong know-how, expertise and excellence due to their craftmen and historical positioning in certain markets including artistic markets.

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