Design and Quality

Design assistance

From your plans or your files, our "Methods and Preparations" service defines the filling and feeding system for the raw part. We also take care of the machining program to deliver a finished part. We have all the useful experience and varied profiles to assist you in your technical choices. To support you in your choices, we rely on our mechanical expertise and our assembly experience.

Vincent Foundry certification ISO 9001

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification defines a series of requirements concerning the implementation of a quality management system in an organization.It demonstrates our desire to subscribe to an effective management system at the service of our customers. We are currently in the process of re-certification.

EPV label in 2015

Fonderie Vincent was awarded the Living Heritage Company (EPV) label.It is a mark of recognition by a commission made up of representatives of the administration, representatives of major sectors of activity and qualified personalities designated by ministerial decree. It makes it possible to distinguish the artisanal know-how and the industrial excellence of French companies.

Production and associated services

We work and produce in our workshop but we can also intervene on site. This is one of the peculiarities of our small business compared to other foundries!

This flexibility allows us to stand out from the competition and acquire a more general view of technical problems, by better identifying the needs and priorities of architects and local communities.We can take care of related techniques as part of a global projectlocksmithmachininganti-corrosion treatmentand technical or decorative paints.Through these projects, we have acquired expertise in the field of mixed structures - steel and cast iron frameworks - used in “Baltard” type buildings.

At your request, we can integrate into our service the establishment of plans and the structural calculation. These multiple and solid skills allow us to carry out large-scale works in France and abroad, often under the direction of architects of historic monuments.

Quality Control

In industrial foundry or artistic foundry, we carry out a rigorous quality control at each stage of production:Chemical analysis, hardness, material, visual health, etc.

Non-destructive dimensional control

Spark spectrometer

Brinell hardness measurement

Ultrasonic control

Structure control by micrograph

Penetrant Analysis of mechanical properties.