Restoration of the Bartholdi Fountain in Lyon

Restoration of the Bartholdi Fountain in LyonFontainte Bartholdi - le jour de l'inauguration

Bartholdi Fountain - Place des Terreaux Lyon

The Bartholdi fountain located on the Place des Terreaux, in Lyon (1st arrondissement) was created by the sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi.It was inaugurated in 1892 under the name of "Char triomphal de la Garonne", it was initially planned for the city of Bordeaux, which finding it too expensive, refused it.In 1995 the fountain was classified as a "historic monument".In view of the poor general condition of the statue, (the metal structure was completely rusted and the lead statue deformed and cracked) A restoration was launched in March 2016, it was completed on March 22, 2018 date of the inauguration.The Foundry of Coubertin was responsible for restoring the statue, including the metal framework.The Vincent Foundry was commissioned to produce two new cast iron candelabra, replacing the originals that disappeared in the 1950s.In the absence of archival documents from the period, this achievement could only be made thanks to photos of old postcards and the assistance of a designer and a modeler-mechanic.

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