MUSIC KIOSK "Baptist's booth"

MUSIC KIOSK "Baptist's booth"Projet de kiosque - par M. J-M Bonnard

The custom-built kiosk was installed in the center of TONNERRE in Yonne.

This construction is erected in memory of Baptiste Chevreau, a young Tonnerrrois who died tragically in the terrorist attack on the Bataclan.

You will find below 3 articles detailing the project:

♦ Article from L'Yonne Républicaine of 05/23/17: The "Baptismal Kiosk" is on the right track

♦ Article from the Yonne Républicaine of 11/13/2016: The Tonnerrois Baptiste Chevreau, mowed in mid-flight at the Bataclan

♦ Article from France info 3: Tonnerre: Baptiste Chevreau's family wants to rebuild the bandstand.

This project is supported by the association: Le kiosque à Baptiste, here you will find the link detailing the association. You can, if you wish, make a donation.

This hexagonal kiosk was designed by our designer Jean-Marc BONNARD, it is composed of 6 columns, 18 consoles and railings. It will take place on the raised platform of the old kiosk.

Map of M. Bonnard J-M

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