Industrial vehicles

When Fonderie Vincent is at the service of Security, Performance and Robustness find your best ally!

We design and manufacture foundry parts for agricultural vehicles, transport vehicles, ... and their accessories: remote supports, exhaust manifolds, water pumps and even satellite doors!
Exhaust manifoldExhaust manifold

Metal grade: Fonte SiMo Weight : 13 Kg

Seat supportSeat support

Metal grade: EN GJS 400-15 Weight: 5 Kg

Breaking diskBreaking disk

Metal grade: EN GLS Weight : 9 Kg

Engine blockEngine block

Metal grade: lamellar cast iron EN GJL 250 Weight: 50 Kg

Share to ventilate the earthShare to ventilate the earth

Metal grade: EN GLS Weight : 4 Kg

Gearbox housingGearbox housing

Field Mechanical, gearbox housing

Seed share tipSeed share tip

Metal nuance:  NI-hard cast iron Weoght: 2.5 Kg

Socs de semoirsSeed coulters

Cast iron parts for the agricultural industry

 Heavy truck hub Heavy truck hub

Cast iron parts for industrial vehicles