Seed coulters

Cast iron parts for the agricultural industry

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FONDERIE VINCENT has several priorities for its parts intended for the agricultural industry Be able to withstand a harsh environment throughout their use Incorporate resistance to considerable forces and abrasion resistance over time Ensure high quality and select a suitable cast iron to maximize the life of the parts. The Vincent foundry is used to working with companies specializing in the agricultural sector such as KHÜN. It has the capacity to make small and medium series. She takes care of the realization of the model with your plans (6 weeks maximum) and the putting into production of the series (4 weeks). Seed coulters These seed coulters were cast in Ni-hard cast iron or white cast iron, these fonts have the particularity of being adapted to the agricultural industry since they are very resistant to abrasion. Foundry production Manual molding is provided for the manufacture of one or a few parts. The molding is carried out by our automatic machine beyond 10 coulters of seeders. Characteristics of coulters They are delivered raw from foundry, machining is optional. Its weight is 7kg. Other parts for the agricultural industry Chassis, pinions, ball joints, profilers, cylinders, rims, bows, sprockets, coulters, casing, exhausts, hubs, flanges, coulters, points, handles… > Contact us > Other industrial parts cast by FONDERIE VINCENT

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