Heavy truck hub

Cast iron parts for industrial vehicles

 Heavy truck hub
Fonderie Vincent  has several fundamental rules, its parts suitable for industrial vehicles have

The possibility of cashing heavy loads throughout their useful life
Incorporates resistance to considerable forces and corrosion resistance
Exceptional quality with cast iron suitable for vehicles and your requirements.
The Vincent foundry has experience and works with companies that are experts in public, military or agricultural vehicles. It has the capacity to make small and medium series. She takes care of the realization of the model with your plans (6 weeks maximum) and the putting into production of the series (4 weeks).

Hub for industrial vehicle
This hub for heavy vehicles has been cast in GLS 500 or GS500 cast iron, this grade has the specificity of being suitable for the load of industrial vehicles and of having good wear resistance.

Foundry capacity

We use the manual molding technique for the production of one or a few parts. The imprint of sand molds is accepted by our automatic process beyond an order of 10 hubs.

Special features of the hubs

We deliver the raw foundry parts, machining and heat treatment options are optional. The piece weighs about 30kg

Other products for industrial vehicles

Chassis, pinions, ball joints, profilers, cylinders, rims, bows, casing, exhausts, hubs, flanges, tips, handles…

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