Mechanical Industry

Fonderie Vincent produces foundry parts in cast iron and steel for the mechanical, textile, building, energy, etc. industries

Mold holder supportMold holder support

Domain Mechanical, Mold holder support.


Domain Mechanical, support.


Domain Mechanical, collectors.

FrancisTurbineTurbine for power station

Domain Mechanical, Turbine for power station.

Arm for roughing fundArm for roughing fund

Domain Mechanical, Arm for roughing fund.

External frame of a bogie supportExternal frame of a bogie support

Domain Mechanical, External frame of a bogie support.

Chrome cast iron ladlesChrome cast iron ladles

Domain Mechanical, Chrome cast iron ladles.

Hose holdHose hold

Domain Mechnaical, hose hold.

Mold for cerium alloyMold for cerium alloy

Domain Foundry, Mold for cerium alloy.

Junction crownJunction crown

Domain Mechanical, Junction crown.

Drilling column tableDrilling column table

Domain Mechanical for machine tool, Drilling column table.

Foundry ladleFoundry ladle

Domain Aluminum foundry, foundry ladle or basin.

Concrete moldConcrete mold

Domain Building, concrete mold

Module for architectural structureModule for architectural structure

Domain Building, module for architectural structure


Domain Mechanical, carter.

Indexing tableIndexing table

Domain Mechanical, indexing table

Three arm pulleyThree arm pulley

Domain Three arms pulley

Fixed flexibleFixed flexible

Domain Mechanical fixed flexible.

Armor plate for mixerArmor plate for mixer

Domain Concrete, armor plate for mixer.

Cast iron satellite holderCast iron satellite holder

Domain Mechanical, satellite carrier.

Mechanical, barrel.Mechanical, barrel.

Domain Mechanics for the agricultural industry, impeller for...


Domain Mecanical, washer.

GS 500 cast iron barrelGS 500 cast iron barrel

Domain Mechanical, barrel.

Carter embroidery machineCarter embroidery machine

Domain Textile, Carter for embroidery machine

EN GS 400-15 cast iron HousingHousing

Domain Textile, housing.

Z38CDV5 steel casting basinCasting basin

Domain Aluminum foundry, ladle or casting basin

Control bracketControl bracket

Domain Mechanics, Control bracket

STEEL coupling supportCoupling support

Domain Rail mechanics, coupling support.

Washer for cast iron containers STEEL GE 280Washer for containers

Domain Mechanics for the plastic industry, washer for containers.

Anti-rotation washerAnti-rotation washer

Domain Mechanics, Anti-rotation washer.

Chrome cast iron cruciblesChrome cast iron crucibles

Domain Mechanics, crucibles

GS 4OO-15 cast iron pivotCast Iron Pivot

Domain Mechanics or railway industry, pivot.

Gearbox housingGearbox housing

Field Mechanical, gearbox housing