Equipments and machines

Équipments and machines :  production means of Fonderie VincentOur automated production line
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Our various manufacturing processes enable us to manufacture prototypes as well as small or large unit series for many industrial markets. Pieces manufactured vary from 100 GRS up to 1,500 KGS. We work with a network of contractors which can provide further machining, painting or surface treatment on the cast iron pieces.

Mecanical pieces for industrial applications

Manufacturing cast iron pieces for industrial applications is our core business. We serve many markets and applications thanks to our years of industrial iexperience:

  • Agricultural machines
  •  Train 
  • Pomps and valves, fluid applications
  • Industrial and military vehicles
  • Mine industry equipment
  • Professional cuisines and "pianos"
  • Urban and street furniture
  • Robots and new machines
  • Glass industry for luxury applications

Please click on the link to see our industrial applications.

Work with materials

Modeling workshop

  • Creation of models from plans provided by customers
  • Duplication and resetting
  • Resin, elastomer or plaster impression taking on damaged or broken parts.

Automated machine and molding workshop

In April 2009, a new, fully automated new molding line was acquired and installed on our site in Brignais by the Italian manufacturer FoundEquip. It is a flat site, allowing all interventions to install sleeves, coolers, with fine sieving of contact sand.The rate is 35 molds / hour with a single operator. The useful dimensions of the trays are: 460 X 610mm, with a height 200 + 200mm. This investment of € 900,000 is a very efficient production tool which allows us to continue to develop our turnover in small, medium and large series mechanical parts.

Manufacturing of molds on automatic molding site in chassis (sand to green), dimensions of the model plates 460 X 610 mm - Brignais (69)

Clod molding workshop (Sand with chemical setting) - Saint Uze (26)

Chemical sand molding carousel for oversized parts - Brignais (69)

Coring sector - Brignais (69)

Melting furnaces, electric annealing furnace and standardization

Four induction melting furnaces make it possible to obtain metallurgy adapted to the requirements of the specifications of our various customers

Chemical analyzes of each casting using a spark spectrometerCast iron (gray cast iron or spheroidal graphite cast iron), white cast iron or steel, bronze and brass


Unhooking the moldsShot blasting / sandblasting

Deburring, grinding, drilling and tappingAll parts preparation work and all controls (visual, chemical analysis, hardness, ultrasound, etc.).

Mechanical workshop

  • Mechanical assembly and assembly, restoration
  • Rod, Cast iron, Nickel welds…

Production of finished parts, ready for assembly

We subcontract painting work, technical surface treatments (galvanization, metallization, cataphoresis, powder painting) locksmith if necessary. We call on the best specialists in the Lyonnaise region or elsewhere depending on the technique to be used. The machining is carried out in co-contracting with external companies in order to adapt each particular case to the machine park of our best placed partners.According to the client's request, we can integrate into our service the establishment of plans and the calculation of resistance. These multiple and solid skills have enabled us to carry out major work in France and abroad in the fields of industry and construction.