Know-how & Equipments

Know-how and artistic means of production - Fonderie Vincent

The Vincent foundry specializing in cast iron can also cast bronze and brass parts.

We can cast a wide variety of metals (GL cast iron, GS cast iron, special cast iron, brass, bronze, etc.) using the sand casting technique. For safety parts such as guardrails, we use ductile iron (or GS) with mechanical characteristics close to ordinary steels.

Our activities are very varied: renovation, architectural and decorative pieces, street furniture, ...The company is spread over two complementary sites 70 km apart (Brignais in the Rhône and Saint-Uze in the Drôme). We coordinate our production activities between our different "sites" according to your expectations.


Creation of models from planResin, elastomer or plaster impression taking on damaged or broken partsRestoration, molding, negatives, duplication of modelsSculpture works from photos, sketches.


Manufacturing of molds on an AUTOMATIC molding site (new installation acquired from Foundequipe) in chassis (sand to green), dimensions of the model plates: 460 X 610 mm - Brignais site (69)

Chemical sand molding carousel for oversized parts - Site de Brignais (69)

Coring sector - Brignais site (69).

Clod molding workshop (Sand with chemical setting) - Saint Uze site (26)

Four electric melting furnaces with a capacity of one ton allow us to obtain metallurgy adapted to the requirements of the specifications of our various customersChemical controls and analyzes of each casting using a spark spectrometer

Cast iron (gray cast iron or spheroidal graphite cast iron), white cast iron or steel, bronze and brass.


Unhooking the moldsShot blasting / sandblastingDeburring, grinding, carvingAll parts preparation work and all controls (visual, chemical analysis, hardness, ultrasound ...).


Mechanical assembly and assembly, restorationTig welds, Cast iron wire, Nickel ...


We work mainly in our workshop but we can also intervene on site. This is one of the peculiarities of our small business compared to other foundries. It allows us to stand out from the competition and acquire a more general view of technical problems, by better identifying the needs and priorities of architects and local authorities.We can take care of related techniques as part of a global project:

Locksmith Machining

Anti-corrosion treatment

Technical or decorative paints.Through these projects, we have acquired expertise in the field of mixed structures (steel and cast iron frameworks), found in “Baltard” type buildings. According to the customer's request, we can integrate into our service the establishment of plans and the structural calculation. These multiple and solid skills have enabled us to carry out large-scale works in France and abroad, often under the direction of architects of historic monuments.


We subcontract painting work, technical surface treatments (galvanization, metallization, cataphoresis, powder painting, locksmithing if necessary).We call on the best specialists in the Lyonnaise region or elsewhere depending on the technique to be used. The machining is carried out in co-contracting with external companies in order to adapt each particular case to the machine park of our best placed partners.


Our administrative, commercial, scheduling and quality services are grouped together in a computerized order recording service: this facilitates the monitoring of manufacturing on a planning table kept up to date by manufacturing managers and allows us to ensure the meeting deadlines.